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The United States of America –  environmental realities

This series of photographs was taken in the United States of America at the time of the war against terror. During that time I thought a lot about sovereignty and independence, particularly the sovereignty of an individual in a national space called the United States, and what it meant for example for me, a foreigner, who was living and working in the
U.S. on a visa. The photographs in this series also come from an environmental perspective. I was interested in the American car-driven way of life. Americans spend much of their time in cars while traveling between home and work, stores, and various pastime activities. ”Environment” in this series is what and how the Americans see it, as their own. For me, a person who was born and raised in another country, it is possible to observe the environment from a slightly different angle.

In this series, I have tried not to include specific messages in the pictures. But at the same time, I acknowledge that the surface of the photographs communicate urban similarities in the city centers in which only few pedestrians are walking by. I have attempted to create a landscape-like wide shots in which I use the human form as a measure for scale.

The photos are a selection of quiet moments captured by my camera equipment. The highway photographs are as American as they can get. My attempt has been establishing quiet but at the same communicating surfaces. They represent the works in a particular segment in the history of my photography.