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Arrival, the year one, April 27th 1966 is a selection of photographs from the local newspaper in my birthplace Rovaniemi Finland as the print that took place at my birth in the locality as the date. The paper is called Lapin Kansa, that means in English Lapland’s People. These photographs are evidence of the world before my arrival to the date as such.


Final pieces have been photographed June 2020 in Finland as evidence of my existence with the beginning of my life and since my adult theatre exists also outside of Finland’s borders and is now 54 years old as a proof of my visually recorded existence in multiple independent national theatres that I have photographed as each reflecting information that separates the governments from being one and instead, I have them all as separate based on their historical connection and continuity in the theatre of nationality as such.


Arrival studies my involvement as an artist practitioner of photography with my medium to publish on my web site as a record of my Existential Realism based truths that exist both, in me as my motivation and my subjects as their information as such that I manufacture into visually recordable moments that otherwise are non-existing without visualisation as art pieces, edits as on my online site and non-fiction short films that I make.


I use the words, total self-understanding as my position in the ongoing investigation that ponders the latest developments as in my thought to try to visualise my inner need without massages but instead surfaces that transcend their reflection as information. By using word reflection I accept the audience as a part of my process reflecting their existence and the understanding as to the word contemporary art within different degrees on to the final edits and pieces as what I call Individualism-based Contemporary Existential Realism.