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Situation Finland is a series of photographs photographed in a restricted platform as a photography-based theatre where I have confronted the subject with the camera as in its capability to capture surface as 2 dimensional in a theatre as 3 dimensional. In this case as the process of photography that is applied to record the subject that is larger than the describable surface and therefore, myself as well. For the interior of the photographs, there is a whole lot of excitement and durability in this series as new developments to border my other work in understandable segments as a continuity that I will proceed on as my next session as production in my photography.
These mentioned photographs are included as what is the acetable base in the History of Finland with my family as part of it. The rest of the photographs reflect a surface that is and therefore exists without storytelling in the individual images that are based on the honesty and sincerity of the presence of an artist, in this case, mine.
This series was photographed in 2014 and was edited in 2019.