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Day one, April 27th 1966 is the date of my birth. The following selection of photographs has been taken from the local newspaper published on that date in Rovaniemi Finland. I see this as evidence of the circumstance as the existence of the environment that was in a historical position for me to continue my parents’ own histories in what I consider family truth with me and my sister as a part of it.

The paper is called Lapin Kansa, which means in English Lapland’s People. These photographs are evidence of the world before my birth and the date as such.

I use the words, total self-understanding as my position in the ongoing investigation that ponders the latest developments in my thoughts as my life. I try to visualise my inner need to publish surfaces without messages instead of that I use the term reflection that transcends information.

By using the word reflection I accept the audience as a part of my process within the exchange that is the term understanding within the words contemporary art as different degrees on to the final selections and pieces in what I call Individual Contemporary Existential Realism.