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The following takes are my study of cinema as a surface in a time slot as the historical Suomi, Finland’s representation on the movie stage in the form of actors and the movie theatre the audiences that collectively experience the films as history that can be spoken about in day-to-day life as citizens of Finland.
The context of this work stays within surfaces without messages other than the self-evidence of its existence as a visual record that will form a new contexts as a selected take based on my self-investigative reasons as to study the history of Finland as in my self-acted performance of delivery of decisions that have produced the study as the content with my illustration as own reasons based on a visual truth with no messages embedded that poetizes within the term of romanticism instead the previous I have proceeded with self-directed poignancy as not romantic that sips in easily when dealing with the word history that in this case is the history of Suomi Finland as in the previous century.