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”Everyone has…” is a short non-fiction film.
Its narrative is not linear but is structured on a visual rhythm that is based on camera movements following and connecting to the physical surfaces. The film portraits myself and my Dutch friend the artist Stella De Boo.

”Everyone has…” uses a reflective method that is inspired by music. It attempts to follow nonlinear visual avalanche-like editing that continues to unfold with the music by Moby (Gratis free licensing). My attempt has been to create a ”short” but large physical force. The film is based on non-fictional footage but the end results borders on contemporary art.

When doing this film I have been thinking about the concept theatre and my position in it. I see this process to be threefold. First is the theatre with me and the subjects and locations, thereafter a separate theatre that is transformed into position by facing a computer while editing. Finally, the third theatre is when the film is confronted by the audience on my webpage Kuvastudio.

I have mixed the film with contemporary art pieces by Stella De Boo as well as my own photographic works. All of the work cuts have been filmed in art studio like conditions in Rotterdam The Netherlands. With these shots, I have studied connections between photography and Stella De Boo’s art, and I also wanted to acknowledge and show the influnce of her art on my own work.

Most of the material was filmed in Rotterdam, from the early 1990s onwards. The final perspective in the editing was done in Finland in early 2019.